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Family Law Attorneys in Northwest Indiana

Family Law Attorneys in Northwest Indiana

When your family is facing challenging legal issues, you need a compassionate and specialized family lawyer. With an eye toward amicable resolution, sensitive and often divisive family issues are first dealt with through discussion. Once the disagreement or issue is resolved, your family relationships will go on. It is our goal to insure those relationships survive the process as intact as possible.

Difficult situations call for an experienced family lawyer

Family legal struggles are emotionally and mentally challenging, no matter what the circumstances. It is critical to have the assistance of a qualified, objective family lawyer as you begin to make plans for resolution.

At Arshad, Pangere & Warring, LLP, you will receive an effective balance between the practical legal strategizing that is necessary for success and the individualized attention that these types of sensitive cases demand.

The firm is experienced in handling the following types of family law matters:


Collaborative divorce: a resolution process

Not every divorce needs to be a long expensive ordeal or decided in court. We help you and your partner make important divorce decisions with a process known as collaborative divorce. In a collaborative divorce, all parties involved sign a participation agreement at the outset, stating that they agree to work in a cooperative and open manner to resolve all issues surrounding the termination of their marriage. Everyone operates from the same base of information to structure a solution the family can live with. If the process fails and trial becomes necessary, all attorneys involved in the collaborative process must excuse themselves from involvement in the proceedings.

Divorce and dissolution of marriage is a process that no couple takes lightly. Unfortunately, a divorce too often means the end of even the most basic friendship between the separating partners. This can be extremely traumatic. If children are involved in the dispute, they may feel forced to choose one parent over the other, or may feel pressure from one parent to change their attitudes towards the other.

Child custody, support, and visitation: acting in your child’s best interests

Although a much larger percentage of custodial parents are mothers (about 83 percent nationwide), our courts recognize the importance of having both parents maintain nurturing relationships with their children when possible. We will explore custody options with you, negotiate positive settlements and, if needed, litigate.

Indiana courts take these factors into consideration when deciding custody issues:

Your child's relationship with parents, siblings, and others who have significant impact regarding the child's best interests are also considered.

Indiana child support guidelines

Child support in Indiana is determined by child support guidelines. As child support lawyers, we will explain how the guidelines apply to your case.

Indiana parenting time guidelines for visitation

In deciding visitation, Indiana laws desire children to spend time with each parent. Parents are encouraged to be understanding and flexible to the children’s needs as they get older. Visit the state’s website for more Indiana parenting time guidelines visitation information.

Relocation after a divorce

If you plan to relocate for any reason, Indiana law requires you to file a Notice of Intent to Relocate. Whether you’re the custodial or noncustodial parent, this Notice should be sent to the non-relocating parent by Certified or Registered mail 90 days prior to your move.

We’re available to help you file the Notice of Intent to Relocate and, if your former spouse objects to the relocation, we can provide you with the legal representation you need.

Legal Guardianships protect those who can’t protect themselves

A guardian may be appointed by the court in order to protect the best interests of a person, an estate or person and estate. Minors, elderly persons, persons with disabilities and others who are not able to make competent decisions about themselves are some examples of those who need a guardian. We have assisted many clients in this area; contact us to learn more.

Contact our family law attorneys today for a free consultation and more information

When you need a compassionate, experienced and effective legal team to advocate on your behalf, call the firm at 219-736-6500 or use the convenient online contact form on this site.


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