Expungement Lawyer Near Schererville

Expungement Lawyer Near Schererville

Expungement Lawyer Near Schererville

At the law firm of Arshad, Pangere & Warring, LLP, we know how significantly a criminal record can impact your future. Making a mistake in the past can result in limitations on many opportunities in your future – even long after you complete your court-ordered sentence. A criminal record can make it difficult to move forward, but it is important to know there might be options to help you. 

Our expungement lawyers near Schererville understand the changes to Indiana expungement law in recent years, and we can assess your situation in light of those laws. Reach out today to discuss whether you are eligible for an expungement of your record. 

Expungement in Indiana

Each state has its own laws and guidelines regarding expungement, which refers to having a record of an arrest, criminal charges, or a criminal conviction removed. Since 2013, when you have these records expunged in Indiana, parties can face accusations of unlawful discrimination if they refuse to employ you, suspend your employment, refuse your admission, or refuse to renew or grant a professional or occupational license or permit. This increased the benefits of an expungement substantially. 

Following an expungement, you can also get back certain affected civil rights, including the right to run for office, vote, be a juror, or possess a firearm if it is in line with federal laws. Essentially, an expungement makes it so your conviction never existed for many important purposes. It is always worth it to examine your eligibility to restore your clean record. 

Are You Eligible for an Expungement in Indiana?

You can expunge an arrest or criminal charge from your record if your case was dismissed, resulted in a no-guilty verdict, or was overturned on appeal. If you have a misdemeanor conviction on your record, you can generally be eligible for an expungement five years after you were convicted. You must have completed your sentence and not have any pending criminal cases or current license suspensions. 

If you have a felony, you can expunge your record if your offense did not involve injury to someone else. You must wait eight years from a felony conviction to seek an expungement, and you cannot have pending criminal issues. If your offense did involve bodily injury, you still might be eligible, as long as your case did not involve:

  • A violent offense
  • Sex crimes
  • Sex or human trafficking
  • Official misconduct
  • Homicide

Even if you can expunge your record, you must follow the necessary steps to petition the court. An experienced attorney can handle this process for you. 

Let an Expungement Lawyer Near Schererville Evaluate Your Options

At Arshad, Pangere, and Warring LLP, we help clients with criminal records live a life free from the mistakes of their past. If you have a past criminal charge or conviction that is lingering on your permanent record and negatively impacting your life or livelihood, we are ready to advise you of your options. Contact us today for more information about a possible expungement right away.

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