Drunk Driving Lawyers Near Me

Drunk Driving Lawyers Near Me

Drunk Driving Lawyers Near Me

The consequences of a drunk driving conviction can follow you for years after your case is over. This is why it is so important to hire a defense lawyer to protect your constitutional rights as soon as possible after an arrest for impaired driving. But how do you know which lawyer is the best? 

A quick internet search for “drunk driving lawyers near me” will show you many options. The skilled defense attorneys at Arshad, Pangere & Warring have years of experience handling all types of impaired driving charges. Learn more about the criminal case process – and what a lawyer can do to protect you from violations of your important constitutional rights. 

What happens after a drunk driving arrest?

After an arrest for operating under the influence (OUI), you will be taken to the police station for processing. Simple OUI/DUI cases usually result in a citation. This means that you will be released on your “own recognizance” (a promise to appear in court at the assigned date and time). If the case is complicated by additional charges or other legal issues, you might be held until you can appear before a judge. 

The judge will determine whether you can be released on your own recognizance or if bail is necessary. Your next hearing will be scheduled. It is absolutely critical that you get legal advice from an experienced OUI lawyer before you appear in court. If you accidentally say or do the wrong thing, you could hurt your case or even let the government get away with constitutional violations. 

What are the possible consequences of a drunk driving conviction?

The consequences of an OUI are not just jail time and fines. Most plea agreements require substance abuse counseling, community service, and repayment of certain court fees. You might also have to have an ignition interlock device installed on your car. Your driver’s license can be suspended after a conviction. There are even administrative provisions that can allow the DMV to suspend your license without a conviction – for example, if you refuse to take a breath test when an officer asks you to. 

A conviction can lead to problems with your employment or professional licensure. If you are in a contentious co-parenting relationship, the other parent could even try to use a DUI against you in a custody battle. By hiring a defense lawyer early, you not only protect your constitutional rights but also mitigate the collateral consequences an OUI/DUI conviction can have in all areas of your life. 

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You don’t have to face a criminal court on your own. The experienced drunk driving lawyers at Arshad, Pangere & Warring know how to protect you from improper police procedures, inadmissible evidence, incriminating questioning, and other violations of your constitutional rights. The investment of attorney’s fees at the start of a case can pay dividends by protecting you from unnecessary court proceedings, appeals, and administrative issues for years to come.  

Contact us today to schedule your consultation with a DUI defense lawyer as soon as possible. 

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