Understanding Theft Penalties 

Being charged with anything criminal can be extremely stressful and worrisome, as having a criminal record can change many things in life – from employment prospects to mortgage application outcomes. If you have been charged with theft, you could be facing a significant penalty that could lead to the loss of your freedom and substantial fines, court costs, and related fees. 

Below, we’ll explore what the penalties for theft can be in Indiana and how one of the experienced criminal defense attorneys from Arshad, Pangere, and Warring can help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case. 

Theft Statutes in Indiana

Under the Indiana criminal code, there are a number of different types of theft that one can be charged with. These include basic “theft,” which is basically the taking of the property of another with the intent to deprive them of its value. This is a class A misdemeanor when the value of the property is less than $750. However, when the value of the object taken is $750 or above, the charge is a Level 6 felony, and it becomes a Level 5 felony for theft over $50,000.

There are a variety of different levels for theft, each with different degrees of punishment associated with them, including:

  • Class A misdemeanor theft = Up to one year in jail and fines up to $5,000
  • Level 6 felony theft = Up to 2.5 years in prison and fines up to $10,000
  • Level 5 felony theft = One to six years in prison and fines up to $10,000

A conviction is something that goes onto your permanent record and might be taken into account when applying for many types of jobs. You want to avoid a conviction whenever possible with the help of a criminal defense attorney. 

How Your Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

The only way that you can be found guilty of a crime is if the state proves each and every element of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. The statutes that define crimes can be complex and difficult to understand, but an experienced defense lawyer will know how to challenge the prosecutor’s case regarding each element of the theft offense. 

Your attorney can also represent you in court and engage in pretrial negotiations with the district attorney, which can lead to early dismissals or plea agreements that help process your case faster and towards the best possible outcome. A plea agreement might reduce your charges or penalties in many situations. 

Connect with an Indiana Criminal Defense Attorney Now

When you have been charged with a theft crime, you have a right to an attorney and should reach out to one as soon as possible. Making statements to the police could lead to them gaining improper momentum against you, so it is best to simply request an attorney and cease discussing the charges against you. 

For zealous advocacy on your criminal case, schedule a consultation with Arshad, Pangere, and Warring. Our team can provide the defense you need. 

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