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Controlling Alien Admission - Alien Rights - SAVE Program -

The Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements Program, also known as the SAVE Program, provides a uniform method for employers to verify whether newly hired employees are authorized to work in the United States. Federal legislation required the initiation of three pilot programs relating to employment verification. Although two of these programs have ended, the Basic Pilot is still in effect. In fact, the Basic Pilot was recently extended through late 2008. The same legislation that extended the Basic Pilot also mandated its expansion to all 50 states by the end of 2004.

Although employer participation in the Basic Pilot is voluntary, it is also free.

Initially, the Basic Pilot allowed employers to verify the employability of their workers using a personal computer with a modem. Now, the Pilot allows Web-based access to employment authorization information. Registration and training are conducted over the Internet.

Three User Types

Companies can assign one of three user types to each person authorized to use the system, depending upon the level of access the company wishes to grant that person. The first user type is Program Administrator. This person has the authority to create and manage the company's user accounts, to unlock accounts, to update information on the site, and to view reports. The second user type is a General User. This type of user can access verification information, view user reports, and update his or her own user profile. The final user type is called Corporate Administrator. In addition to the ability to update his or her own user information, this user type can view reports for the company site where he or she is located. All user types can view and print statistical reports about their queries to the system.

The Web-based Pilot also includes an online user manual, copies of documents that employers using the system must post in their hiring area, and information on certain travel and identity documents.

Employers can choose to have agents conduct their employment authorization verifications for them. To do this, the employer and the agent must sign agreements specifically giving the agent the authority to conduct the queries and requiring the agent to abide by the employer's responsibilities.


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Legal Forms Download

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