Fraud Offenses in Indiana

Fraud generally refers to using false information and misrepresentations to wrongfully obtain something that is not yours. There are many different types of fraud that can result in criminal charges, which fall under the category of theft offenses under Indiana law. No matter what type of fraud accusations you face, however, there is the real possibility of long-lasting consequences and impact on your life if you are convicted of a fraud crime. 

Always protect your rights and your future if you are suspected or accused of fraud crimes. Contact an Indiana fraud defense lawyer as soon as possible. 

Different Types of Fraud

Fraud can involve different schemes and targets, and some common fraud cases might involve the following:

  • Identity theft – This involves knowingly obtaining, using, or transferring someone else’s personal or identifying information for wrongful gain. 
  • Credit card fraud – When you fill out false information on a credit card application, use someone else’s credit card information without permission, or otherwise use false credit card information to obtain cash or make purchases, you can face allegations of credit card fraud.
  • Check fraud – Check fraud applies to a situation in which you use fraudulent or forged checks, or submit electronic checks, debits, or paper checks that you know will not be paid or honored by a financial institution. 
  • Forgery – This involves the act of creating false documents, altering a document, or presenting an altered or false document for wrongful gain. Documents can include checks, paper money, deeds and titles, prescriptions for medication, money orders, contracts, wills, and more. 

While each of the above is a type of fraud, each offense has its own elements that the prosecutor must prove to obtain a conviction. Your defense lawyer will know how to challenge the elements of your specific charge to seek a dismissal of your case or a favorable plea deal involving reduced penalties or charges. 

Fraud Charges and Convictions

Fraud crimes are commonly charged as Class A misdemeanors or Level 6 felonies in Indiana. Under some circumstances involving significant sums of money or property stolen by fraud, the charges can be escalated to Level 5 felonies. Some penalties for a fraud conviction might include:

  • Fines of up to $5,000 (for misdemeanors) or $10,000 (for felony offenses)
  • Up to one year in jail for misdemeanor fraud or up to six years for Level 5 felony convictions
  • Probation in lieu of jail time according to a plea agreement

In addition to court-ordered penalties, having fraud convictions on your record can have a major impact on your job prospects and well into the future. Having the right defense can minimize the consequences you face for fraud offenses in many situations.

Contact an Indiana Fraud Defense Attorney as Soon as Possible

If you believe you are under investigation for fraud, you have been arrested, or you already face fraud charges, your first call should be to The Law Offices of Arshad, Pangere & Warring, LLP. Please contact us so we can get started on your defense today. 

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