Drug Charge Attorney Chesterton 

Drug Charge Attorney Chesterton 

Drug Charge Attorney Chesterton

Facing a charge related to drugs can throw a serious wrench in your life, bringing everything to a grinding halt until the case is disposed of and, ideally, you achieve a positive outcome. The outcome of any criminal case, however, is not assured, and the quality of evidence and defense representation in your favor will impact whether you maintain your freedom or wind up behind bars. 

The drug laws in Indiana cover many facets of the illegal drug trade, ranging from distribution to simple possession, and even the purchase of source materials that contribute to the creation of illegal drugs, as with pseudoephedrine and methamphetamine.  

The experienced drug charge attorneys in Chesterton from Arshad, Pangere, and Warring are here to answer any questions on your case that you might have and provide you with the top-notch defense representation you need for the best possible outcome in your case. Read on to learn more about drug cases in Indiana and how a drug charge attorney can advocate for the best possible outcome in your case. 

Drug Crime Convictions Can Significantly Change Your Life

If you are facing drug charges and you ultimately receive a drug crime conviction, your life and that of your family can be forever altered by your conviction. Being convicted of a drug crime in Indiana can lead to one or more of the following consequences: 

  • Expensive court fees and related fines 
  • The loss of your freedom through a jail or prison sentence 
  • The loss of your current job and difficulty aligning future employment 
  • Having to participate in a court-ordered substance abuse program that you have to pay for
  • The inability to receive federal aid to assist in paying for college 
  • The stigma and negative perceptions associated with being a felon 
  • Losing your green card status, being denied citizenship, or being deported if you are in the country on immigrant status 

The implications of a drug charge are far-reaching and will not only cost you a great deal of money now, but the associated costs can persist throughout your lifetime. You can also lose your freedom, ability to work in your prior profession, and much more. This makes it critical to have the best possible defense against your charges. 

A Drug Crimes Attorney Supports the Best Outcome in Your Case

The decision to represent yourself in a drug charges case might seem tempting at the time, as you might believe the charges are wrongful and think that if the jury just hears the truth, you will be exonerated. While this would happen in an ideal world, this is usually not the case in the Indiana court system. Highly experienced prosecutors know how to present their cases so that the likelihood of conviction is highest. With a skilled drug crimes attorney on your side, the case put forward by the prosecutor will be challenged however possible, and you should receive a just result.

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